Marist College Champagnat Centre

The harmonious feel of this build is created by the thoughtfulness with which decisions have been made about its every feature – from those at the macro scale of its buildings and grounds, down to considerations about its fixtures and fittings. Marist’s seniors campus spreads its general learning areas and specialist facilities over three levels.

Aesthetically, aquaBUBBLERs in charcoal grey provide a neutral yet bold contrast to the honey-coloured wood panelling, as well as softening the campus’ consistent grid layout and enhancing its sense of community. Practically, locating the hydration stations in and between Marist’s many flexible spaces welcomes groups of students to gather for group or individual work and facilitates student collaboration.

Marist College
Shirley Boys’ and Avonside Girls’ High School

Shirley Boys’ and Avonside Girls’
High School

Tastefully placed to one side of the entrance, the aquaBUBBLERs in this construction are visible from all vantage points. They confer hydration’s reassuring presence on a building which references the style of the Māori marae. 

The central yet sensitive placement of the hydration stations at Shirley Boys’ and Avonside Girls’ High Schools conveys the sense of welcome and belonging that is central to the schools’ values.

The boldly contrasting colours, dynamic pod configurations, and clever orientation of the aBs within the setting looks great as well as strengthening visual identity of the school.

Good News Lutheran College Senior Learning Hub

Good News Lutheran College (GNLC) Senior Learning Hub’s striking design employs accents of bold colour to unite its diverse learning areas – including 7 aB hydration stations in eye-catching aqua.

aquaBUBBLERs in vivid colours and placed at regular intervals maintain hydration’s visibility and accessibility across GNLC ’s extensive grounds. Environmental sustainability is of high priority for GNLC – so our 6-star WELS rating and minimal Carbon footprint (thanks to our products being entirely manufactured onshore in Australia) made aquaBUBBLER the obvious choice.

Good News Lutheran College
Prahran High School

Prahran High School

Nestled into the intersection of the bench seating with the wall in this image, this aB at Prahran High School (PHS) incorporates hydration into a compact indoor/outdoor classroom.

Its muted grey blends it with its surroundings, so as to keep visual noise to a minimum.

PHS has 24 aBs distributed over its deceptively compact 5 storeys, making hydration visible, as well as constantly available, to students.

John Paul College – Daisy Hill

Installed out from the wall to allow access from all angles, John Paul College (JPS) Kindergarten’s chilli red aquaBUBBLER joyfully punctuates its beautiful setting.

Hydration is given centre-stage in its new extension, and the value that JPC places on drinking water is also emphasised by the several paths converging on their aB.

Here is an excellent example of how thoughtful aB installation can both promote hydration outcomes as well as enhance the aesthetics of their environments.

John Paul College – Daisy Hill
St Gregory’s College – Junior School

St Gregory’s College – Junior School

St Gregory’s has incorporated colour into its buildings to create an inviting and playful environment for its young students, as well as to enhance feelings of wellbeing. aquaBUBBLERs – which are easy to keep clean and are extremely reliable – contribute to the overall sense of order and hygiene of St Gregory’s internal spaces.

The aB pictured is located in a thoroughfare; intelligently maximising hydration opportunities as children stream through.St Gregory’s uses its open spaces for group teaching and collaborative learning. aBs are perfect for these settings, because they compliment the aesthetics of the space as well as providing a compact hydration hub that is capable of hydrating several students simultaneously.