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Key Team Members

Our Hydration Consultants have extensive experience providing complete hydration solutions to all types of environments, and they skilfully apply their expertise to every project.

Hydration isn’t an afterthought for me anymore: getting the aquaBUBBLER experts on board from the start gives me the best solution possible and avoids that last-minute guesswork

.......Kiril Petrov, Brand Architects

Eugene Lynch
Eugene LynchBusiness Development Manager

"From my over-a-decade’s worth of experience, I know how hydration works out there in the Real World.

It obviously delivers better hydration, but also makes the project as a whole look fantastic!"

Shane Gooch
Shane GoochKey Account Manager
"Getting hydration working for people is so rewarding.

I love to help a client plan hydration from the start of a project, so that they can get the best outcome possible."
AllenKey Account Manager

"Getting hydration happening in actual environments with real people calls for the best kit - but it requires more than that.

My skill set is tailoring a complete hydration solution for your unique situation.”

Lourdes Ordonez
Lourdes OrdonezAdministration

"My role is pretty varied; that's an aspect of it that I really enjoy. 

I'm an extremely dedicated executive assistant, and I'm also a passionate tech-geek, keeping all our systems running smoothly."

David Della Gatta
David Della GattaProduction Manager

"I’m involved with the product at every stage of its development: from the design phase, right through to assembly and final testing.

I'm proud of our products - and the fact that everything leaving our factory doors will have a long life of service."

Jen Fortune
Jen FortuneMarketing
Emar Chua
Emar ChuaAccounts

"aquaBUBBLERs are not one-size-fits-all products, and that also goes for client accounts - every one is a custom job!

I believe in doing things properly and thoroughly... I find that keeps the numbers happy."

We combine energy, expertise and commitment to make great hydration happen!