Classic aquaBUBBLER - AB12

Classic aquaBUBBLER

Product Code: AB12
Our original model, the Classic aquaBUBBLER drinking fountain has 2 taps, including one exclusively for refilling bottles. Its all abilities Palm Push taps require minimal force to operate. Pedal operated Hands Free tap option is also available. All materials and parts used are heavy duty and graffiti-resistant for a long life of service. The Classic is manufactured and assembled entirely in Australia and is available in a variety of heights and range of colours. A range of accessories augments the functionality of your Classic, and our full service program prolongs its life indefinitely.

Freestanding indoor/outdoor unit
1 Drinking Tap, 1 Bottle Refill Tap
Palm Push or Hands Free pedal operated taps
Durable 6mm polyethylene/stainless steel construction
Maritime Ready & Chlorine Resistant
6 star WELS & WaterMark Certified, Australian Made

This text can be copied and pasted directly into your schedule (selecting height, tap operation, accessories and colours as applicable).
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(Product Code: AB12)

The Classic aquaBUBBLER comes pre-plumbed and complete with:  1 x Bottle Refill Tap, 1 x Drinking Tap with Mouth Guard, Flow Control Valve, Isolation Valve, 40mm S-Trap, 40mm Waste Outlet, Base Mounting Plate. WaterMark Certified, 6 Star WELS Rated, Lead Free, Superior 6mm Body Thickness with parts in Maritime Ready Chlorine Resistant Stainless Steel. Certified Australian Made.
Height [specify here], Colours [specify here], Accessories: Dog Bowl / Outdoor Tap / Anti-Freeze Valve / TLS 16 Chiller / RWC 7.5 Chiller / RWC 15 Chiller / Filter / Stainless Steel Plaque / In-mould Graphic [delete accessories not required]


Height Option
670 mm Preschool / 770 mm Kids / 870 mm Juniors & Seniors / 1020 mm Seniors & Adults

Tap Operation Option
Palm Push (low newton force) / Hands Free (pedal operated)

Dog Bowl / Outdoor Tap / Anti-Freeze Valve / TLS 16 Chiller / RWC 7.5 Chiller / RWC 15 Chiller / Filter / Stainless Steel Plaque / In-mould Graphic

Corella White / Light Grey / Mid Grey / Charcoal Grey / Dusky Blue / Denim Blue / Gumleaf Green / Deep Purple / Rich Blue / Pacific Blue / Light Green / Sunset Yellow / Tiger Orange / Chilli Red

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  • Operation / Height

    • Tap Operation: Palm Push
    • Unit Height Palm Push: 870mm Juniors and Seniors
    • Unit Height Hands Free:
  • Select Colours

    • Body Colour: Corella White
    • Refill Pod Colour: Corella White
  • Select Accessories

    • Accessory:
    • Plaque Text:
    • Accessory:
    • Accessory:
    • Accessory:
    • Refrigeration:
    • Chiller Type:
    • Accessory:
    • Dog Bowl Position:
    • Accessory:
    • Graphic Upload: No file uploaded
  • Quantity/Location

    • Number of Units: 1
    • Location(s): eg: Canteen, Hall Stairs, Gym