About aquaBUBBLER

Brendan Lynch Founder & Director aquaBUBBLER

Brendan Lynch 
Founder & Director 

Our goal is to help communities achieve effective hydration in order to enjoy its positive knock-on effects for wellbeing and productivity.


From a background in environmental organisations, Brendan noticed disposable water bottles were making their way into schools - and doing nothing to improve hydration levels there.

As a practical response, he began aquaBUBBLER to counter the rising tide of plastic waste in educational settings; designing and releasing a range of attractive, contemporary hydration stations. Students loved using them from the start, and naturally hydration - along with learning outcomes - improved wherever aquaBUBBLERs were installed.

Since then, aquaBUBBLERs have shown their application for all sorts of settings, from recreation and health to commercial and industrial.

Our Values:


A commitment to the highest standards of design and manufacture is one that we have always made. Quality is central to every aspect of how aquaBUBBLER operates:

  • Our in-house engineers ensure that product design meets our own stringent quality standards
  • We source the Best Materials from reliable local suppliers.
  • Our specialised technicians assemble and test each unit with a high level of skill and attention to detail.

aquaBUBBLERs are popular wherever they go, thanks to their durability, ergonomics, inclusivity and reliability.

Responsible Design

We believe that the role of design is to create objects that function well and genuinely help people. Perceptive, responsive product design enhances the wellbeing of individuals, which ultimately contributes to a better society.

aquaBUBBLERs are not designed just to look good; consistent with Universal principles, every model incorporates inclusive features, and all units can be customised to suit individual requirements.

We could never bring ourselves to manufacture offshore: every single aquaBUBBLER is 100% made and assembled in Australia.


Wherever an aquaBUBBLER is installed, a HYDRATION HUB springs up - the focal point of any community setting.

Our mission is to help communities thrive by providing INCLUSIVE drinking fountains that people like - and enjoy drinking from!


Our Promise

We understand how hydration works in real-life settings, and are committed to getting it working in yours!

We apply our knowledge of the factors that contribute to successful hydration to your unique setting, and come up with the complete hydration solution that is right for you.

But setting you up for hydration success is just the beginning: we provide practical help and technical advice whenever you need it. Our comprehensive After Market Support Service ensures your units remain in peak condition throughout their long lives, making aquaBUBBLER an environmentally conscious as well as budget-friendly choice.